Kate Bock Exhibiting Hotness for Ocean

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bill-swift - June 29, 2017

Where do SI swimsuit models go in the offseason? They don't go into frozen stasis like many people. Or like my evil plan to take over the world of the sextastic. There's still work to be done. Not to mention bills to be paid. That means hot bikini and beach bodies 365 days a year for whenever the phone rings with an assignment. 

Kate Bock and her body of the heavenly kind show up super strong and alluring in Ocean Drive magazine. Mind you, this is not a periodical for the gents, but for the ladies. It's called aspirational, as in women will see Kate and want to be like her. Also, men like me will look and aspire heavily to the point of cardiac arrest. She's quite the lady. I'd like to be quite the lady's helper, with wardrobe and swimsuit changes in a jiffy. Like a dirty assistant in pit row.

How did I know exactly how to fit your funbags into that bikini top? Practice, Kate, practice. Enjoy.



Photo Credit: Ocean Drive Magazine