Kat Torres Red Lingerie Sextastic Lace Pimping and Preening for Agua Sales

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bill-swift - November 19, 2014

I guess the 138 water models have moved off the beach today and on location in Hollywood for some lacy lingerie shoots for attempt number five-hundred to push fancy bottled water by way of super hot skin baring models like Kat Torres. I have no idea how it's working sales wise on product, I've never ever seen anyone buying this H20, but I can tell you it continues to work plenty fine in the libido revving of the engines department, with this wickedly hot blonde Kat Torres nearly catching fire in red lace and nearly baring fun parts.

We may never know the real motivations behind all of these pimping bottled water shoots. Ours may not be to question, only to ogle and try not to embarrass ourselves in public settings. I'm fine with that. All the world's a stage and we have the very best seats in the house. Enjoy.