Karlie Kloss Fit Abs For Women’s Health

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michael-garcia - September 16, 2016

Professional hot person Karlie Kloss showed off her toned body in this spread for Women's Health Magazine. When your job is to look sexy all the time it behooves you to stay in shape. Karlie is incredibly fit. I mean that both in the American sense where she is in good shape and in the British sense that she is super hot. Karlie's sexiness defies all national borders and treaties. Her abs are out of control. You could grate cheese with those muscles. Not that you'd want to but you could. Most women on Earth would give anything to look like Karlie. All it takes is hard work and discipline. And good genes. Don't forget that.

I think I should get a subscription to Women's Health. Not because the articles apply to me but because they show hotties in their sports bras. That's worth the subscription price and is a way better gift than a tote bag or whatever. 


Photo Credit: Women's Health

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