Kara Del Toro Boobtastic Abundance for Guess Event

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bill-swift - April 28, 2017

Kara Del Toro oozes sextastic. I know. I've collected samples. The not so blushing exhibitionist model and all around amazingly decked out low cut in public fun person knows how to steal the eyes of the public at large. Also the public and make them larger. That's not meant to sound gross, well, only mildly.

The sultry sweetheart went with low cut bustier top for a Guess shoot of some kind in the middle of the town square. That would be a town I'd like to live in, if they would have me. She's working hard to let the world know of her hotness and the least you can do is oblige with a golf clap or shuddering sobs, whichever suits you. You know where I fall on that chart. Those spectacular funbags should bring a man to his knees. If nothing else, to get a sweet peek. Abbondanza! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Fame Flynet