Kaley Cuoco Topless Selfie (VIDEO)

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aldo-vallon - October 3, 2017

 Did Kaley Cuoco need to be topless while recording a selfie while also having her wardrobe adjusted? Probably not, but are we not all glad that she did? Even with her arm being strategically placed there is still a healthy serving of side boob that is enough to keep one satisfied. By all accounts Kaley is a generous woman so this is keeping in line with her character, it is not like she would let her fans starve. Granted, I would not really count this as a main meal, but it definitely serves as an appetizer that I am happy with. And that is coming from a man who never spends his money on appetizers. I have always considered them to be overpriced fillers. I choose to save my money and stomach for the good stuff. Fortunately, my eyes are in no danger of overeating so I can feel guilt free about watching this clip as much as I would like. Although it might be wise to take my therapist's advice and refrain from doing it on the train. I do not need that kind of attention.  


Photo Credit: Instagram