Kaley Cuoco Bum-Out Cleavy Horseback Riding

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bill-swift - July 5, 2013

With news reports out that Kaley Cuoco is now dating the dude who plays Superman, the sextastic blonde wasted no time in mounting another steed (get it? Yeah, I know, it's a holiday, give me a break), sticking out her booty as I guess equestrians are trained to do when they have a nice one to show off.

Kaley also obliged us by wearing a cleavage revealing tank top, which I think is also pretty much standard fare for horseback riding, though I rarely do see those leathery Britty lady riders donning the same apparel, thankfully.

The world is currently Kaley's oyster it seems. I appreciate the fact that she's showing off her pearls. Enjoy.