Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco, Iggy Azalea And Willow Shields Bare Midriffs At The Kids’ Choice Awards 2015

I’ll be the first to admit I might just be a tad past the demographic for the Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. My idea of sliming a beautiful woman is well past the mature audience range for what the kids are expecting when they watch that show. Nevertheless, the annual event does bring out some serious Hollywood hotties even if they are compelled to dress rather G-rated for the event, that doesn’t mean they can’t flash a little bit of heavenly midriff and legs and such (funbags ever on mostly hidden status).

When ladies such as Kaley Cuoco and Iggy Azalea and Willow Shields and other members of young sextastic Celebrityville start showing up on your red carpet, please invite me over as well. It’s good to see the next generation of outstandingly hot women are well on their way to filling our future vaults. Some stupid awards were given out, but the real prize was taken home once again by the gentleman oglers, who got an eyeful, sans slime. Enjoy.

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Kaley Cuoco Flashing Abs and Cleave After Workout

Yep, Kaley Cuoco, we are proud of your body as well. You’ve been working out hard. We’ve been ogling hard. I’d say we’re both in fine working order now as it relates to your tight abs and those yum yums of yours you only slightly tease these days since you got married and signed the big contract. But we both know, you’ve got serious hot skin to show. The sextastic doesn’t care about business necessity or promises to spouses. This body years to be free. I mean yours, not mine. Mine fine in it’s solitary confinement.

I’d be naive not to notice the relationship to how much our favorite celebrities workout and how much skin and booty they show off after workouts when facing the paparazzi. And good for them I say. Without ego there is no Egotastic! We rely on the kindness of attention seeking strangers. Like Kaley Cuoco, and that firm body of hers that could probably use a firm but sensual massage post-workout. I’m warming my hands to 98.6 degrees as we speak. She’ll barely notice I’m there. Enjoy.

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Kaley Cuoco Hot And Sweaty After Yoga

There’s no finer feeling than that burn after an intense yoga workout. No, not for myself. But seeing our favorite sextastic celebrities like Kaley Cuoco all humid and moist after such a workout in some kind of Spandex gear. I get to where I need to be with less effort than most.

Kaley obliged our ogling eyes and prurient hearts with a good bit of huffing and sweating in form fitting workout gear as she left her chakras in fine working order and took her yoga mat for a spin. I may still never forgive Kaley for lopping off her long blonde hair, but I get it. She got her payday and her man, maybe time for something a little less entangling. However, we can’t afford to let that kind of practicality spread throughout Celebrityville. Complacency is the enemy of raw exhibitionism. Enjoy.

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Kaley Cuoco Braless For a Good Cause (It’s Never a Bad Time to Be Braless)

Kaley Cuoco might have done questionable things to her former long flowing blonde locks we imagined stroking, you know, while playing our guitar and crooning love songs, but she’s not yet given up on the blessed ta-ta’s, the scientific part of which she claims was her best investment ever. Hard to argue. I didn’t have to pay for them and I feel the balance sheet tilting toward the positive.

Kaley doesn’t dress as revealing perhaps as she used to before marriage and big ole contracts and playing the role of Hollywood debutant, but she’s still got those knockers and when she goes braless to galas, even PG-rated, we’re going to notice. We kind of have a nose for these thing funbag things. Kaley, you could show so much more and make us all so much happier, but braless is certainly a solid step in the right direction. Next time, talk to your wardrobe person about a few inadvertent cuts perhaps. A malfunction is desperately needed. Enjoy.

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Kaley Cuoco Goes Chesty Big in Nightgown for the Biggest of Bangs

I must admit I’m in the crowd who wonders why Kaley Cuoco cut off her long blonde locks and went for the tomboy look. It seemed something akin to a crime against humanity. Thankfully, she did nothing to reduce the size of her spectacular racktastic, which she was showing off in some evening wear in a recent episode of Big Bang Theory. I don’t watch much network television. Canned laugh tracks make the tinker toys that hold together my brain come loose. But I do delve happily into the warm large bosom of Kaley Cuoco, wherever, whenever.

There’s some saying about if you live long enough, you will see everything. One of the reasons I ever consume a vegetable is so that I might linger until the day we get to see Kaley Cuoco flashing her funbags bare and beautiful. I hope it’s not too much longer. I despise things that grow up from the ground, much preferring life forms that fall to the ground. C’mon, Kaley, Uncle Bill can’t take many more carrots. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Big Bang Theory” CBS

Anna Faris And Kaley Cuoco Racktastic on the Peoples Choice Awards Red Carpet

The People’s Choice Awards truly are the red headed stepchild of the Awards Season. They’re actually the teen girl texting choice awards, not that it matters, but there should be some truth in advertising. I’m a people. I don’t choose Cody Simpson for President. Nevertheless, as for any big shindig in Hollywood, the hotties do come out to be noticed. Like the sextastic swallows returning to Capistrano, this annual January tradition finds some of our bustiest and most beautiful showing off their wares on star-studded red carpets.

Last night’s event clearly highlighted the outstanding headlights of Anna Faris and Kaley Cuoco, the former of whom literally blew my socks off with her cleavetastic ensemble, while Kaley, despite butching up her style, can’t help but remind us of the first time we big banged thinking about her. The duo formed quite a pair as the highlight of the hottie evening. Really, there was no need for the actual show after that. But they run it anyhow. Because once you’ve invented a fake award show that people just assume is real and watch, you’re not going to throw that fortune in the trash. Enjoy.

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Laura Govan Topless Funbags Fall Out at Wedding Ringer Premiere (Her Sister Nearly Does Too)

Laura Govan Pops Out At The Wedding Ringer Premiere 02
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I must admit to not being able to always keep my Govan sisters straight. I hate when that happens. Both are basketball wives slash baby mamas. I believe Laura Govan is the gal who has birthed all the Gilbert Arenas kids while sister Gloria Govan was married, maybe, to Matt Barnes, though I think that ended too. That’s as deep into the celebrity gossip world as I dare venture. As for the world of faptastic ta-ta’s falling out of dresses on the red carpet, there I have far more expertise.

Laura Govan wore a dress that couldn’t possibly have contained her braless udders to the premiere of the Wedding Ringer and the inevitable happened when she leaned forward to pose on the red carpet for the cameras. Out came righty. A spectacular sight of the bare boobtastic public display. We rarely get full melon. Consider this a Kodak moment. Her hot sister Gloria wore a dress that contained barely much more, with so much sideboob it seemed like a sisterly malfunction was about to occur. We should be so lucky.

Oh, yeah, Kaley Cuoco was there as well, and looked ravishing as they say, but competition for camera being what they are, she was overshadowed a tad by the bouncing commando boobs in front and behind. Enjoy.

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