Kaley Cuoco Bouncy Tank Top Bosom After Yoga

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michael-garcia - July 7, 2016

Kaley Cuoco made my chakras stand up and pay attention in a skimpy tank top after yoga. If you are a sexy lady in Hollywood you spend a good part of your week doing yoga. Not only is it good exercise, it also allows these hotties to wear tight yoga pants and tank tops. Kaley has a pretty amazing rack that looks all glistening with sweat and sexy in that tank top. I do love a woman in workout clothes. I like it almost as much as bikinis and lingerie. Almost. In addition, Kaley is sporting a pair of pink short shorts that show off her long sexy legs. What I wouldn't give for an evening alone with those legs. And her boobs. Really all of her.

Kaley is the only reason I ever watched The Big Bang Theory. That show sucks, let's face it. But I like looking at her. And Mayim Bialik. I got a Blossom thing. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews