Julia Pereira Looks Hot from All Angles in Her Thin Blue Bikini

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bill-swift - May 8, 2014

I'd like to invent something like a Brazilian model Hunger Games, but instead of killing each other, maybe they just get into their bikinis and show-off or make-out or other fun activities that involve French and Latin words. Julia Pereira would definitely be chosen in my reaping, for her ability to look slender wicked hot and nipply from all angles in her teen tiny colorful bikinis. Okay, maybe less nipply from her amazing buttside view, but no less sextastic and alluring.

There's an art to looking great in bikinis candids, whilst moving about the beach, preening, prancing, and dunking in the water. It's not exactly the same as a staged bikini photoshoot. It separates the girls from the women, though I would probably put them back together if it were my party. Julia Pereira, you make me feel happy to be a man. Enjoy.

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