Julia Pereira in a Pink Bikini and a Perfect Body at Miami Beach

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bill-swift - July 24, 2014

Well hello there hot toned body hottie Julia Pereira. We haven't seen you prancing about the beach in Miami for what seems like an eternity, though it's probably only been a month or so. From the looks of it you haven't exactly been letting go in your beach time off. You've taken your superior Brazilian model genetics and fine tuned even more so at some modern day gymnasium with their fancy Pilates and yoga tricks. And it shows.

Sometimes I wonder if the lineage of Brazilian bikini hotties will ever someday come to an end. Then I realize that's like wondering if the Great Lakes will dry up or time itself will stop ticking. The line of sextastic succession from that Sudamericana nation continues unabated. Julia Pereira and her alluring bikini adjustments another bright spot in that eternal procession. Enjoy.