Josephine Skriver Hottie Pimping Bathing Suits

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bill-swift - December 28, 2016

Imagine if your Josephine Skriver and you wake up everyday with texts from your agency letting you know who's insisting you come model their swimsuits and lingerie. Though if I imagine I'm Josephine Skriver waking up, I kind of think about staying in bed for at least another hour to give myself a breast exam. And other places. I'd be thorough. I actually do imagine this regularly.

The good part about Winter is all the Spring bathing suit lines start pimping heavily. Such as Next Beachwear which had the singularly brilliant idea to hire the face and body and allure of this Victoria's Secret model to show off in even their more modest bathing suits. I don't know who buys a modest bathing suit anymore, but I suppose I wouldn't know any of them, let alone ogle. Though Josephine is a fine exception. Enjoy.