John Glover is Skeletor

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bill-swift - January 4, 2006

Woah! I had no idea that there was a new He-Man movie in the works, let alone that it was being directed by John Woo. That is so cool. Granted, the last He-Man movie starring Dolph Lundgren left a lot to be desired, but the prospect of a new film about the kingdom of Eternia has brought memories of childhood action figures rushing back. Contact Music is also reporting that John Glover, who plays Lionel Luthor on Smallville, has been cast in the role of Skeletor. Very cool.

Update: Seems this story is actually completely wrong. said this:

John Glover "knows nothing about" himself playing Skeletor, so we're assuming this one is just a fan wish. Though, he WOULD be a good choice... also says that there has been no movement on a He-Man movie for some time.

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