Jimmy Kimmel Makes Movie Critics Find Something Nice to Say About Michael Bay

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bill-swift - July 9, 2014

We already knew Mr. Big Shot Hollywood Director Michael Baydoes not care what the critics think of his movies, but this is especially the case right now.  Transformers 4 just dominated the domestic box office for a second week in a row while also setting the all-time box office record in China. (Suck it, Avatar.) The film has now grossed more than $576 million worldwide in just two weeks, and after you subtract the $210 million budget that's still a 174% return on everyone's investment.

So critics? Michael Bay don't need no stinking critics. Nevertheless, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be fun to challenge some of the most respected critics in the game to find something nice to say about the world's foremost purveyor of cinematic explosions.

Shockingly, the majority of these "nice things" were just thinly veiled insults. I especially loved the comparison to Hitler which, technically, comes from Meghan Fox.

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