Hailey and Justin Bieber Go Vogue!

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Echo Lawrence - October 6, 2020

Hailey and Justin have just celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary and what better way to immortalize a year as a married couple than to appear on the cover of Vogue Italia!?

The happy couple were photographed by Eli Russell Linnetz in bed together, topless on the street, and a few shots of Justin on his knees at Hailey's feet. The styling is pretty great and Hailey is rocking a lot of latex in the shoot, which has been very in style this quarantine!

Here is what Hailey had to say about her man:

"The meaning of these shots translates into the gesture of a man celebrating his woman. There is Justin Bieber, my husband, who puts himself at the service of my femininity and enhances it, giving me a platform to feel strong, sexy and tough. Socially, men have been standing on their pedestal for too many years. It is time for all of this to be subverted."