Jimmy Kimmel Gives People a First Look at the iPhone 5–Only It’s Actually the iPhone 4S (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 29, 2012

So the iPhone 5 is here and over five million units have been sold in its first weekend alone. But do these people really want the phone for what it really is--or are they just getting carried away with all the hype surrounding Apple's newest device?

At first glance, the iPhone 5 doesn't really look very different from its predecessors. Tim Cook and the rest of the gang boast that it's lighter, faster, and a whole lot thinner, but that's also what Steve Jobs said when Apple launched the iPhone 4S earlier.

It's not surprising that this is also what most users will expect from Apple's next-generation smartphones. Jimmy Kimmel had all these on his mind and more when he sent out a crew to give random people a 'first look' at the iPhone 5--before it was made available. So what he had there wasn't really an iPhone 5, but just an iPhone 4S.

And the reactions that he got for showing off the iPhone 4S to unsuspecting people was pretty interesting. Check out the clip above and see for yourself. It really is all in the mind (for some people.)

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