Jill Martin Jugs Can Not Be Contained

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bill-swift - April 5, 2013

God bless New York Knicks sports reporter Jill Martin. More specifically, the bouncy flouncy pair of twins she keeps close to her chest when on vacation in the South of Florida. Now, some of you may lust Jill as a secret NBA reporter girl crush, some of you may be not fully convinced, but I tell you this, one blow to the head from those massive mammaries and you'll be seeing stars of the truly happy variety.

We dig Jill for showing off her rocking cans. That's what the boobtastic is for. Else we wouldn't have twenty-seven nicknames for them. Like ankles. We don't have so many fond nicknames for ankles. But for spectacular yabbos, oh, yes, we do delight in ogling those. Thanks, Jill. Enjoy.