Jill Martin

Jill Martin Is Cold In A Green Bikini In Miami

Sportscaster Jill Martin went for a swim in the ocean in Miami Beach in a tiny green bikini. It seems that Jill got a little cold and the result was some serious nipple poking action. She seriously looks like she is smuggling novelty pencil erasers in her top. Jill is in killer shape. He stomach and legs are toned and tight with not a spot or blemish. But it is her jugs of milk that are a thing of beauty. Besides the cold nipple action, we get to see the glory of her cleavage in the revealing green top. Jill should really consider calling those Knicks games in a similar bikini ensemble. I guarantee it would boost their ratings from, like, 30 people watching to millions. I know that I would certainly pretend to care about the game if I could see her basketballs on display.

But no one ever listens to me when I come up with these great ideas. Girls in bikinis = ratings. They taught me that in broadcast programming 101

Jill Martin Doubles Down in Red and Blue for a President’s Day Bikini Weekend of Bustiness

I imagine about a thousand men put cricks in their neck this weekend in Miami watching N.Y. Knicks sports reporter Jill Martin strutting by in one of her many colorful bikinis this weekend. There were more than just the red (above) and blue (below):

But these two seemed like the most U.S.A., U.S.A, type rah-rah boobtastic celebration types colors barely containing the sizable jugs of this sports babe. You may not be a Knicks fan, they are certainly hard to find these days, but they may just be winning in the category of buxom sideline reportage. Jill Martin is what you call a stretch forward in NBA parlance. As in, I’m stretching forward to avoid strain as I ogle her bikini body wares. Enjoy.

Jill Martin Blue Bikini on the Beach in Miami

Jill Martin Has That Certain Delightful Oomph In Her Bikini Pictures from Miami

Well, the Knicks might be suffering through a pretty tough basketball season, but their sideline reporter Jill Martin is only making the ogling gentlemen down in Miami suffer over her stacked goodness in a blue bikini over the New Year’s holiday. Hmm, that almost made sense. I’m kind of lost at the moment with the gravitational forces of Jill’s blessed chest distracting my attention.

She is a rather impressive sports babe. Oh, to be that necklace getting lost in her substantial cleavetastic. That’s something to aspire to coming back as in the next life. Enjoy.

Jill Martin Bikini Pictures Use Funbag Interview Lockdown Techniques

This is not a comment on the journalistic skills of Knicks sideline reporter Jill Martin. She’s a fine journalist. With a fine idea on how to secure a beach area interview in Miami with a guy like Juwan Howard. And, I think it’s fair to say, those two glowing cleavetastic globes do not hurt in such talent booking processes.

Now, I’m not saying you need the big ole bikini guns to do your job as a reporter. I don’t remember Mike Wallace flashing funbags to get foreign dictators to sit down with him in the hot seat. I’m just saying it helps. Though I may be personalizing this discussion as I stare hypnotically into the plumped up pretty section of Jill Martin on the beach. I’d let her interview me. Or interrogate with extreme prejudice and baby oil. Enjoy.

Jill Martin Jugs Can Not Be Contained

God bless New York Knicks sports reporter Jill Martin. More specifically, the bouncy flouncy pair of twins she keeps close to her chest when on vacation in the South of Florida. Now, some of you may lust Jill as a secret NBA reporter girl crush, some of you may be not fully convinced, but I tell you this, one blow to the head from those massive mammaries and you’ll be seeing stars of the truly happy variety.

We dig Jill for showing off her rocking cans. That’s what the boobtastic is for. Else we wouldn’t have twenty-seven nicknames for them. Like ankles. We don’t have so many fond nicknames for ankles. But for spectacular yabbos, oh, yes, we do delight in ogling those. Thanks, Jill. Enjoy.

Jill Martin Bikini Pictures Put Her Plump Boobtastic on Sporting Display

I like Jill Martin. Well, more like, I like to look at Jill Martin. I bet if I were a Knicks fan, I’d love her all-around. But for now, just the round parts of her curvaceous body on display in her favorite relaxation spot in Miami.

The sports journalist and morning TV show reporter has kept her cans in full, upright, and bikini locked position during her Spring Break travels, and I’m going to look, if not try to score (that’s sort of a sports reference, sort of just the desperate pleas of one very horny man). Either way, we can all ogle those globes and sigh contentedly. Enjoy.