Jessica Simpson Almost X-Rayed Her Dog

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bill-swift - May 10, 2006

Yes, that's right, Jessica Simpson is just that smart. While going through the security checkpoint at LAX airport on Monday, Jessica Simpson very nearly put her dog through the X-ray machine, reports TMZ.

Jessica Simpson headed through LAX security Monday and appears to have almost sent her dog, Daisy, through the X-ray conveyor belt.

The move turned out to be a near-miss, as Daisy ended up staying clear of the X-ray machine.

After the security snafu, Jessica and Daisy boarded a plane and headed to New York.

Wow. It's a really good thing for her that she's pretty and can sing, which has made her rich enough to have assistants to do most of her thinking for her. Otherwise, the real world would be a cold, harsh place for her. I know these celebrities are used to carrying around their dogs in little handbags, but they need to remember their dogs are not actually handbags, just super-trendy, living accessories.