Jessica Alba is the New Lindsay Lohan

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bill-swift - June 7, 2006

With only a few days before shooting was set to begin, Jessica Alba has stepped into the role that until recently was set to be played by Lindsay Lohan. Reuters reports that Alba will be taking over the role of Lucy in the indie film Bill, also starring Elizabeth Banks and Aaron Eckhart in the title role.

So why did Lindsay drop out? Well, it seems that the director wasn't well known enough, and Lindsay wants to stick with well known directors, according to EntertainentWise.

Fox News correspondent Roger Friedman said: "She's just going to stick to working with big-name directors now".

Of course, Lindsay is going about this all wrong. She should make more movies with unknown directors, that way, when she ends up giving a crappy performance, she can blame the director. I mean, no one's going to blame Robert Altman for the fact that Lindsay Lohan can't act.

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