Jennifer Lopez’s Incredible Curves On The TIME Red Carpet

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elliot-wolf - April 27, 2018

If Jennifer Lopez was a bowl of salsa she’d be the spiciest one you can get. I wouldn’t mind smothering a little bit of her on everything to make the mundane that much more interesting. It would work the same way as chips and dip. A corn tortilla chip is okay on its own, salty and crunchy. But it doesn’t reach its full potential without salsa. Once you slather that bad boy in some sauce the results are explosive. And that’s what Jennifer is to me. She is the dip to the chip I call life. I’d like to add a lady like her to enhance my human experience on this Earth. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing already, but she would make everything that much better.

I hope Jennifer likes a man who works with his hands. I’m not a singer, or any other type of entertainer but I can make her gifts out of wood like it’s nobody’s business. I could make her a heart shaped salsa dip container to remind her of the importance she brings to my life. Women love symbolism and small tokens of appreciation. Who knows, that may mean more to her than her fancy movie star boyfriend buying her a new yacht.

Photo Credit: Splash News