Jennifer Lopez In Just A Tight Little Bra

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elliot-wolf - January 26, 2019

I’m trying to think of all the ways I would enjoy Jennifer Lopez. I know I’d enjoy her here or there. Without a doubt, I’d enjoy her anywhere. I think I enjoy her because she has no flaw, but I enjoy her most in a tight little bra. I mean, holy moly good green eggs and ham that is one good looking woman without a shirt on. I feel like a peeping Tom. But if she’s anti-shirt then I’m anti-shirt. I’ve tossed my tee across the room in Jennifer’s honor. Who needs a top when your body is a blessing meant to be shown off.

Lopez should accidentally lose all of her shirts on purpose. Ten out of ten men would agree she looks better this way. The terminator glasses are a nice touch as well. I keep picturing her in my head saying “I’ll be back” with less and less clothes every time. I’d sure hop on a motorcycle and ride off into the future with her. But in the meantime, I'll just take in as much of her as I can in the present. Since I am one to stare, I should probably take a picture because it'll last longer, but I think HD 4K Go Pro video would last even longer than that. I think I'm going to look for a Go Pro to buy before going Lopez watching.


Photo Credit: MEGA