Jennifer Lopez Booty Shorts and Maybe Slipping a Little Lip in the Name of World Cup Glory

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bill-swift - February 13, 2014

If you're going to be pimping the World Cup, Jennifer Lopez seems like the right person to do so. She's about as widely acclaimed in the Western Hemisphere as is the sport of soccer itself. I'd take Jennifer over the foot-only game any day, but I get that people can delight in both spectacles.

Jennifer was in Florida filming a promo commercial for World Cup Brazil in a tight and revealing pair of short shorts that no only showed off her still veteran asstastic cheeks, but seemed to reveal a bit of her Lopez lady nest when she crouched a bit un-ladylike for a sweet crotch look-at-me-now shot for the cameras. Hard to say for sure, but me thinks I spy a bit of a lip slip. Frontside, backside, Jennifer had it going on en fuego style. Enjoy.