Jennifer Lawrence Plunging Cleavage Bustier Dress

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bill-swift - May 10, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence isn't just biding her time in London waiting to get back to the States. She's making the very most of her X-Men promotional tour of Great Britain, attending an evening event in a low cut bustier dress that rather unusually for Jennifer Lawrence showed off a healthy amount of her sweet-sized boobtastic. Jennifer isn't most notably known for her low cut tops despite the perfect jugs of a Kentucky girl you dream of seeing undressing down by the pond. 

It's doubtful JLaw will ever turn into a showboat and exhibitionist. It's not her nature and her massive amount of success means she can do pretty much whatever she wants at this point. But don't think for a moment that the sextastic doesn't have a mind of its own. A desire to see and be seen. Mother Nature didn't give Jennifer that body to see it covered up in a tent. So, bless you, Jennifer, for this racktastic display of funbags. It's our visual feast. I could explain to you how dessert goes but you'd probably slap me. And I'd deserve it surely. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News