Jennifer Aniston Sexy Pajama Pictures Introduce Us To Her Latest Boyfriend

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bill-swift - January 19, 2011

Say hello to Mr. Teddy, a stuffed animal that has seen a whole lot of self-pleasuring going on. The bear dangling from the arm of the half-clad, rather odd-looking, but still quite sexy Jennifer Aniston in these unique pictures from the upcoming Allure magazine has seen much, my friend. Through all the fake boyfriends and P.R. releases about hookups with leading men, it's been Mr. Teddy who's stood by Jen's side, soaked up her tears of sadness, and, you know, held the pocket rocket in between soothing treatments. Don't get me wrong, I mock, but I'd trade spots with that lucky S.O.B. stuffed animals in a heartbeat. If bears could talk. Enjoy.