Jeff Goldblum’s Got Plenty of Ideas on How to Get The Grandmaster Back in the MCU

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brian-mcgee - March 12, 2018

Arguably the most sublimely weird Marvel movie to date, Thor: Ragnarok introduced a plethora of new characters into the MCU, none more memorable than Jeff Goldblum's Sakaaran ruler The Grandmaster. Many people, myself included, want the character to pop back up again in a future Marvel adventure, and thankfully, Goldblum's got a couple of ideas on how to get The Grandmaster back in action.

In a new interview with the Toronto Sun, Goldblum is asked which Marvel character he'd like to team up with in a future MCU flick, and he's beside himself with the possibilities...

Oh, that’s an interesting idea. Well, I overlapped with one day of Cate Blanchett’s shooting and she’s so spectacular as Hela. I keep wanting to have scenes with her. We worked together on a Wes Anderson movie awhile ago — The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou — and I sure would love to do anything with her. But, in the comic books, the character of the Grandmaster is the brother of The Collector, played by Benicio del Toro, who I adore. So I would enjoy doing something with him. That would be fun.

Now, I know we didn't explicitly see Blanchett's Hela die in Ragnarok, so the possibility exists for a team-up there, but the much more likely and fun one would be him and Benicio. Fingers crossed Benicio makes it out of Infinity War alive, because the notion of a Marvel movie that stars him and Goldblum just hanging out and being weird would be the greatest idea Marvel has ever had.