Janice Dickinson Looks Kinda Hot from Far Away; Up Close, Like a Fem-Cyborg Assassin from the Future

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bill-swift - July 10, 2012

What are you going to do, time catches up eventually to all of us, even former supermodels. But Janice Dickinson was not going to go quietly into that goodnight hot body. No, the 57-year old 70's and 80's supermodel, now talent agent, went all kinds of Evil Queen in the Snow White tales and has decided she will not age, by hook, or by crook, or by scalpel, or injection.

The results from faraway are spectacular, a woman with big curves, cleave, bouncing along the beach in a bikini like a young lady. Up close, it's Terminator. I mean, like Robert Patrick, after the shotgun blasts and fiery explosions, Terminator.

So quint hard, and enjoy.