James Spader Will Play the Titular Character in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Titular.

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bill-swift - August 30, 2013

Ultron? What's an Ultron? Not to worry, you'll find out soon enough. Even though you won't get to see him on screen until 2015, Joss Whedon just picked quintessential 80s jerk, James Spader, to play the titular villain in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Titular.

The choice of Spader comes on the heels of a craptacular season of poor superhero / super-villain casting decisions, so this is pretty welcome news. While his best role is debatable, he's been the smart guy from Stargate, an aforementioned 80s dick, the bizarre-as-shit Robert California from The Office, and, of course the worst boss in history from Secretary.

So who's this Ultron fellow supposed to be?  He's a robot created by Dr. Henry Pym (Ant-Man)  -- one of those super intelligent robots with an Oedipus Complex, actually, who in every comic incarnation does some terrible things to your favorite superheroes. I'd be stoked to see Whedon pull out the craziest Ultron storyline that has him sitting in a post-apocalyptic future, having exterminated all of his enemies. Because a bleak future is really all we have to look forward to.

Spader joins other Avengers recent additionsElizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson who will play Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver respectively. Sounds like Marvel is going to be sufficiently wiping the floor with its DC counterparts for the next ten years, even if the future is going to be bleak.