Jack Taylor of Grinnell College Goes for 138 Points in Rout

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michael-garcia - November 22, 2012

People are kind of freaking out today (and last night) over Jack Taylor of Iowa's Grinnell College after the guy went for an all NCAA record 138 points. Taylor hit 52 0f 108 shots from the field, including 27 of 71 from the three point line. Grinnell, a D-III school has been running an offense under David Arseneaultfor around 20 years where the goal is get off 94 shots a game. Obviously they got that and then some. Also obvious, this was a stunt.

Scoring that many points is insane no matter what the circumstances, but Grinnell won the game 179-104 over Faith Baptist Bible. Word got around quick about Taylor's night, and Kobe Bryant called it 'impressive' and Kevin Durant was tweeting about it, saying Jack deserves a shot of Jack Daniels. But Carmelo Anthony had the best response when he simply said, 'how can you shoot 100 times, though?' Put up a shot every 20 seconds in a 40 minute game. In fact, the rest of the team took 28 shots combined.

Faith Baptist's David Larson scored 70 in the loss, hitting 34-44. The most shots anyone else took on that team was 11. Apparently defense isn't part of D-III basketball in Iowa.

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