Izabel Goulart Booty Models Bikinis and Other Sweet Body Fineries in Sao Paulo

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bill-swift - April 4, 2014

It's always fashion week somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, err, one of the hemispheres, this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil where wicked native hottie Izabel Goulart modeled bikinis for Agua de Coco and showed off every inch of the body she often shows us being worked out on social media. I'd say the workouts are working. I wish I had the fortitude to get into a workout program like Izabel's. I don't mean to workout like her, I mean, to actually get into her workouts and watch her sweat as I eat an Egg McMuffin with cheese. That is kind of the dream.

Everybody needs a little sextastic in their life and everybody needs a little Goulart. Keep that tush working, Izabel. We'll keep ogling. Enjoy.