It’s Jackie Chan v Pierce Brosnan in Final Trailer for ‘The Foreigner’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - September 14, 2017


Is it 1996 in here or what? Can you imagine if this movie The Foreigner had rolled out in 1996, the tickets it would've sold. It's Jackie Chan vs (at the time) James Bond, directed by the guy who did Goldeneye! Who wouldn't go see that movie if it was 1996? Sadly it's 2017 and my daughters would likely say, "Hey, Mr. Miyagi versus the dad from Mamma Mia." 

Brosnan is looking Cranston-esque as an Irish politician who may or may not know which terrorist organization blew up a building and killed, among others, Jackie Chan's daughter. Chan wants answers and lets us know he means business by... blowing up his workplace? I'm not sure I follow. To find out who killed my daughter I must needlessly kill everyone who stands between me and an answer. Or something, who knows? The hip hop soundtrack while guys in their sixties do action scenes is a bit much. In fact, this whole thing is a mish-mash of a marketing disaster and it's all based on a book titled "The Chinaman." Good thing they changed that title, eh? 

Anyway, it'll be cool to see Martin Campbell back in action. He has more or less been in movie jail because he directed that god awful Green Lantern movie starring Deadpool and the guy who's directing Thor: Ragnarok. And Peter Sarsgaard, too. Man that Green Lantern movie is bad. Maybe all the good juju around reuniting with Brosnan and having Jackie Chan play a badass aging mercenary will work some magic. Sure, I'm sold. The Foreigner opens in North America on October 13.