It’s Hard To Be A Fake Ghost In England

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bill-swift - August 9, 2014

A man who is still among the living was arrested in England for pretending to be a ghost in a Portsmouth cemetery. It seems that Anthony Stallard thought it would be a rollicking good time to impersonate a ghost during a funeral. He covered himself in a sheet and went about making ghostly noises. This led to the cops going all Peter Venkman and arresting him. It seems that the authorities in England don't think pretending to be a ghost is funny. The arresting officer said,

"He was throwing himself backwards, waving his arms about and going 'woooooooh'. I'm assuming he was pretending to be a ghost."

OK, it's kind of a dick move to do this during a funeral, but is it really an arrestable offense? I wonder what would have happened if he really had been a ghost? I mean, you can't arrest a thing for doing what it does. You wouldn't incarcerate a lion for murder because he killed a zebra. In the same way you can't arrest a ghost for going "wooooooh". England should know better since it's covered in ghosts.

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