Iskra Lawrence Baby Blue Bikini Photoshoot

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aldo-vallon - August 21, 2017

 Iskra Lawrence does a fine job in showing her range of poses in such a short gallery. We see the classic "Walk like you don't notice the camera." And then there is the "Lean against the wall like you are keeping it from falling over." But my personal favorite is "The Richard Nixon." Two hands throwing up the peace sign while the look on her face is denying any accusation of wrong doing, just like Tricky Dickie himself. 

What is it about boardwalks that draws people to them in such high numbers? It is not like they are waterfalls. I can understand why we flock to those even when they are located five miles deep into a forest. But a boardwalk? They are just glorified bridges if you ask me. And bridges are just glorified roads. There is no need to freak out over it like a moth with a lightbulb. It is just a few boards over some water. I guess the one good thing I can say about them is that they usually have some hot bodies in bikinis. So for now I guess they can stick around. 

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Photo Credit: Splash News