Isabeli Fontana Barely Covered

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michael-garcia - September 22, 2016

Sexy Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana is pretty much naked in these pics for the CR Fashion Book. Except for a strategically placed arm or leg, you could see everything. Damn body positioning! Still, these pics are plenty hot on their own. Isabeli has a righteous rack that I would love to put my face between and enjoy. There is no better country for the creation of giant jugs like Brazil. There must be something in the water down there. They also know how to create amazing booties and we see that in Isabeli's derriere. It is perfectly shaped. It's round in just the right way. You could calculate Pi using that butt it's so round. If it was all knockers and booties math would be a lot more fun. 

Isabeli is almost absurdly hot though. I would buy anything she's selling. This is a fashion spread and she's naked, that's how effective she is. 


Photo Credit: CR Fashion Book #9

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