Irina Shayk Is Pouty And Perfect In These Must-See Model Shots

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elliot-wolf - November 14, 2018

It seems when I opened my big book of synonyms to study from, I just happened to instantly stumble across one of my favorite words, perfection, and next to it was a picture of Irina Shayk. I feel that this was in no way a misprint, mistake, or error. And her beauty is too much to put into words, so a single photograph does work. Naysayers will accuse me of cutting her picture out and posting it next to the word perfection, but I haven’t told a lie since my aunt asked if I ate all of my nephew’s birthday cake that I was supposed to bring to the party. I showed up birthday cake-less and told her I had dropped the thing on the way over but really I had inhaled it. It just looked too good sitting in the passenger seat, sort of like how I imagine Irina would also look sitting in my passenger seat. Something like a perfect six to eight servings of sweet sweet cake.

I don’t know where she’s from but I’ve seen women that look like her in my imagination. I wonder if they’re giving girls from there passports now because she seems like she’s too good to be true. Imagine that. The woman of my fantasy is now a reality and standing before me in some of the most eye opening outfits I ever did see. Somebody please pinch me, I need to make sure I’m not dreaming.


Photo Credit: MEGA