Irina Shayk (Covered) Nude Pictures in GQ Spain Are Utterly Sextacular

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bill-swift - November 26, 2010

I'm always torn when I see super hot Irina Shayk pictures. Yes, Irina Shayk sexiness is borderline ridiculous, with that sultry Russian killer look, that amazing body, ass, and boobs; but then I do think about that far-too-lucky athlete boyfriend and I just want to curse the Fates that left me only enough speed and dexterity to sit in a chair and type kind of fast. However, I think it's fair to say, with these nude pictures, these amazing photographic hotness creations from GQ Spain, I'm inclined to put aside my petty feelings and focus on more worthy emotions, such as, oh, lust, desire, and trying to stay conscious while ogling Irina Shayk naked. It's simply not that easy. Enjoy.