Indiana Evans Bikini Pictures Will Cast Away Your Blues

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bill-swift - April 4, 2012

Our lust affair with Aussie young hottie Indiana Evans has been rapid, sharp, and without hesitation. We only met her a week ago, and I'm already willing to empty my bank account, in fives, not twenties, so I can have a semi-decent looking bank roll, fly to the Maui set of The Blue Lagoon, and offer up my earthly treasures to the blonde mini-bombshell.

And all this because of these amazing blue bikini photos of Indiana Evans from the set of her reprised role as the stranded cast away on an island with nothing but time, squishy fruits, and young lust? Yes, absolutely, I mean, take a look for yourself at Indiana in her blue bikini top, and bottom, though not together, and see if you don't feel like adding another Great Lakes state to your list of places where you've done it. Enjoy.