If You Thought ‘Star Wars’ Was the Only Lucas Property Disney Could Ruin, Think Again

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bill-swift - November 7, 2012

Last week's $4 billion buy out of Lucasfilm by Disney sent shivers up and down the spine of every fanboy and every cute girl pretending she's a geeky chick in order to fit in with a new crowd. The one thought one everyone's mind was, 'More Star Wars? Yespleasethankyou.' But I bet no one thought what they should've been thinking: 'More More American Graffitt? Yespleaseth--Wait, what?'

Star Wars may be the diamond in the bejeweled necklace George Lucas has squeezed around his ever expanding neckline, but let's not forget about the rubies, topaz, white gold and cubic zirconia that's also on there. Surprisingly, THX-1138, Lucas's film film as a director is not one that he owns or co-owns the rights to himself, but there are a handful of other films that he's had his Jar-Jar Binks-loving fingers into for years now and with Disney now owner of Lucasfilm and everything under its roof, they are the ones with control of these properties now.

So will Disney choose to retool and tinker with Lucas's other work more than the man himself already has (really? Hayden Christensen's ghost appears at the end of Jedi now? Ugh)? Take a look at all the films they now have that option with.

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