Hookers Endorse Hillary Clinton

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jhanson - April 20, 2015

The women of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada have formed a completely uncertified political advocacy group called Hookers for Hillary, pledging to support Hilary Clinton's vision quest to become the nation's first female President. The hookers primary reason for supporting Clinton is her commitment to public healthcare, which is code for a handshake agreement to approve an abortion app. They also want to make sure there is a higher tax on the rich. If they can afford to pay two hundred bucks to a twenty dollar hooker, they can kick in more tax dollars. Luckily when you're getting your dick sucked by a whore with a tumbler of Jack in your hand you don't give a shit what she thinks about supply side economics. Hillary will write a nice note, but run into a scheduling conflict they morning of a meet with the hookers. It's not a good sign when the chick holding the Y is covering her face in case her parents check out The Huff Po from their traveling religious revival. Let me know what the porn star union thinks. They occasionally get out of the house.

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