‘Hey, My Cowl’s Up Here.’ Screw Marvel, Batman Gets All the Sexy Halloween Costumes You’ll Ever Need to Ogle

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bill-swift - November 1, 2012

Look, at the end of the day, Halloween is really about one thing and one thing only: Kids experiencing fun and excitement Grown men getting to ogle sexy women dressed up in costumes three sizes too small for their bodies. I mean, that's why Comic-Con was originally started. I always thought Cosplay was when people threw on a loud sweater and did their best Bill Cosby impression (and it still is, in my book), but no, cosplay is around for the same reason as Halloween: So pretty girls will dress like they just came from the set a Russ Meyer film.

And no superhero icon has a world filled with more characters that girls like to dress up as than Batman. Yes, the Dark Knight himself. Between the comics, the movies and the TV show there are enough outfits to slip in and out of than people know what to do with. Which is why we owe our gratitude and thanks to Bob Kane in a way he'll never understand. For Batman offers us the sexiest Halloween costumes of all time.

And as you'll see from the gallery, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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