Here’s Julie Henderson As A Naughty Cheerleader (VIDEO)

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earl-jonas - June 13, 2017


Red-blooded American males are programmed to fall in love with cheerleaders as much as they're programmed to spell BOOB with their calculators in class. Model Julie Henderson is here to fulfill her part in this great tradition (the former, not spelling BOOB with a calculator) in a wildly sexy behind-the-scenes video for her Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition shoot. This is actually the 10th anniversary of this epic spread, and we're grateful SI is celebrating by releasing this scintillating footage.

The blonde's bodacious bod is giving me Heather Graham in Boobie Nights vibes, and you can clearly tell that she's having a blast bouncing around a university football field with some very lucky band members. Something tells me they'll be tooting more than their horns once they get some private time. 

Cheer on Julie Henderson in the video above, and let us know if her pom poms get you into the pyramid formation in the comments below.

 Photo Credit: YouTube