Here’s A Bunch Of Love Island Stars In Bikinis Getting Gross In Greece

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earl-jonas - June 20, 2019

Americans might have invented reality television (in fact the first reality television series was called An American Family and debuted on PBS in 1973) but the Brits perfected it. Have you watched Love Island? It's like looking at a Petree dish under a microscope. And it's amazing. If you don't believe me, just check out some of the show's brightest stars getting weird in Greece. Love Island assembles a bunch of hot single people in a house and makes them pair up with the opposite sex. As individuals get booted out of the house, the couples have the opportunity to repair, until only the couple with the most UTIs remains. Like musical chairs. Except you don't want to sit in the chairs.

So who have we got here. Today we're checking out lovelies Ellie Brown, Alexandra Cane, and Kaz Crossley. Kaz is the one smoking the shisha pipe while drinking and smoking a cigarette. All of these Brit beauts don't mind showing off their hot boobs in sexy bikinis, and we don't mind looking at them. Looking, but not touching. Oi! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: MEGA