Heidi Klum Sheer Dress For Drake Concert

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michael-garcia - August 5, 2016

Legendary hottie Heidi Klum wore a sheer dress to a Drake concert, like you do. It seems that the supermodel forgot to wear a bra underneath her see-through dress. She's busy, it's easy to see why she forgot. The result is that you can see all of her ta-tas underneath. Heidi has some of the best chichis of any of the models of her generation. Back then, many of the most successful ladies were not very well endowed, but not Heidi. Her Teutonic funbags have always been prominently displayed in her work. I even used to watch that Project Runway show, (not really by choice), because I enjoyed seeing her show off her cleavage. I can't say that Drake deserves to have teetons of this magnitude at his concert. He's kind of a d-bag.

But there is no accounting for taste. I'm sure she had a good time and anyone in the room with her certainly got an eyeful of Klum. 


Photo Credit: Splash