Hannah Ferguson Stunning And Sexy In Bold Red

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elliot-wolf - February 13, 2018

Hannah Ferguson is a very brave woman for wearing such a bold shade of red. But in all honesty, bravery and bright red truly fits her. Her face alone draws my attention more than a moth to a flame or a bug zapper. That same fire burning and surge of electricity can be felt through my entire body every time I look at her. Saying she looks amazing is an understatement and does her absolutely no justice in my humble opinion. I wonder what type of man a woman like her would be interested in because I’m way too willing to be whoever she needs me to be. Since she’s done work with Sports Illustrated I wonder if she’s only into athletes. I’m no professional but I’m pretty proficient when it comes to tossing the ol’ pigskin around.

It’s difficult to stare this woman in the eye and not become frozen in amazement. Her eyes are bluer than those White Walkers from that Game of Thrones show I’ve been hearing so much about. She also looks drastically better than any of those creatures from the show as well. Maybe one day we will cross paths and I’ll be able to crown her my queen. That would be a more than welcomed plot twist in the storyline known as my life.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram