Halo 4 Continues Forward Unto Dawn Drama with Part Two (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 13, 2012

Forward Unto Dawn is the live action series running in these agonizing weeks before the full launch of Halo 4 and the word on the streets is the end of this series will set up the events of Halo 4 nicely. The fact that this episodic live action show is set during a time before the events of the first Halo game, everybody is wondering just how we're going to get from there to here. And by here I mean Halo 4.

Nonetheless, Forward Unto Dawn is onto its second episode. Thomas Lasky was getting into some deep trouble last time we saw him and something tells me things will get worse before they get better. That's how this hero thing works. He's the insubordinate loaner who thinks he knows everything and ends up causing much pain and suffering to himself or those around him and then --and I'm just spit balling here-- something will happen, a light bulb will go off and he'll become the hero we've all been waiting for or something like that. The difference between this movie and all those others --Star Wars, Karate Kid, Mulan, etc-- is that Forward Unto Dawn will have Warthogs.

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