Halo 4 Accolades Trailer Might Offer Some Plot Clues (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 28, 2012

This trailer lets everybody know that folks were really impressed with Halo 4 at E3. Shocking. Plus the video itself has all been seen before, including on this site. So why even post it right?

Because at the 0:35 mark we want to know who is speaking, why he's so excited and just what is a "reclaimer" in this context?

There's something there and we want to know what it is before we get the chance to actually play Halo 4. Is that so wrong? Is it abnormal to want to know everything about a game before it comes out and risk ruining the emotional ebb and flow of modern video game storytelling? Perhaps, but if we're all in it together, this can be fun.

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