Breakout Star Haley Bennett Hot Bikinis

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bill-swift - June 13, 2016

Haley Bennett is one of the current "it" girls in Hollywood, if by "it" you mean she's cast in about a half dozen movies now, including the just wrapped reboot of the Magnificent Seven where she plays the lead female role. More important than this is the unique sweet alluring look of the twenty-eight year old thespianic from Middle America who will steal you heart for the next five minutes, and your loins likely for a lifetime.

Haley isn't going to be an exhibitionist sextastic celebrity of any kind, especially given her fast rising profile in the movie business, but her little bits of wink wink bikini posing for Interview magazine let's you know that she knows you want her pretty badly. I'd say you have that about right, Haley. Now, if we can discuss the thong options I sent you in the mail for your next shoot. I can't help but believe you have so much more to share beyond your knowing glances and your dramatic talents. Next time. But soonish, k? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interview Magazine