HAL 9000 Replica: Don’t Worry, This One Won’t Kill You (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 12, 2013

Remember HAL 9000 from Space Odyssey? Yeah, I bet you do. It's one of the most ruthless non-human villains to date, and the fact that it took humans such a long time to kill--er, destroy--it adds the animosity of the whole thing. And now you can have your very own HAL 9000 in your house.

Not the actual thing, obviously, but a damn good replica of it. This isn't the first replica to be made but it happens to be one the most movie-realistic replicas to date. That's because its makers used the actual blueprints and images from 1967 to build the replica and print its labels. It's not purely for show as well, since it's programmed with 15 different sound clips that it'll utter if you speak to it for at least 1.2 seconds.

Pretty neat, huh? It might not be much like the actual HAL 9000 described in the books and in the movie, but at least this way, it won't have enough 'brains' to actually go and kill you and everyone else in your house, right? Right.

Own It: $499.99

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