GWAR Trick Or Treats In Jersey Suburbs

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bill-swift - October 26, 2012

We love GWAR here at Egotastic! Why? Because they are a ridiculous heavy metal band of outer space monsters, of course! Honestly, what's not to love? Halloween is coming up next week, the day when children all across our fine nation go begging from door to door for delicious taste treats. Some people think it's a cute tradition. Others see it as little better than extortion and panhandling. After all, you are demanding a treat orelse you will pull a trick. But how much damage can a kid really do? Now ask yourself how much can violent space monsters that regularly feed their fans to a vagina monster do to you. A word of warning, if GWAR comes to your door...give them your candy. All of it. The best part of this video is the costumes they are wearing on top of their costumes.

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