‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Invites You to Drive a Quadbike in Your Undercrackers in This Latest Batch of Screenshots

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chris-littlechild - July 31, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V's hype train continues to careen along. Yesterday, Rockstar finally bestowed upon us the answer to the only damn question worth asking: can we embark on a law-baiting crime spree in our underpants, before eluding the attentions of the police in a stylish little all-terrain vehicle, boxers flying in the wind, like the balding badass exhibitionist drug dealer we are?

No need to cancel that pre-order, gentlemen. The answer was: you bet your balls you can.

That's just the first of the heaping helping of new screenshots that were released yesterday. Elsewhere in the gallery above, there's a little larceny on the water with a speedboat, another use for that newfangled scuba diving mechanic, and a spot of casual dangling from a bridge.

Take a look.