‘Grand Theft Auto V’ And The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bomb

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chris-littlechild - October 4, 2016

  Grand Theft Auto, as we know, has taken us to some pretty damn dark places. That’s what happens when you cruise down into the dingy, shitstained depths of the criminal underworld.

 All the drug-running, drive-bys and prostitute murders have given the series a bad name over the years, and GTA V was probably the most controversial so far. Take an ogle at Trevor’s antics; this crazy-ass made the most hardened of us cringe a little at times. But hey, that’s Mortal Kombat syndrome for you. You’ve got to try and up the ante a bit every time.  

Even with all that said, though, let’s not get the wrong idea about Rockstar’s series. There may be adult themes out the wazzoo right here, but that dark snarky humor has always been there to stop everything getting too heavy.

Above all else, the game’s pretty darn great at spoofing real life. Los Santos is Rockstar’s twisted take on LA, and it all hits a little too close to home at times. As such, with the news that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been goddamn mothereffin’ exploding everywhere, there was only one thing for GTA modders to do: replace the game’s sticky bombs with the combusting cell phone.

It’s a simple enough tweak, but it’s one I’m sure iPhone owners everywhere will dig. Go check it out.  

Via Kotaku.

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